Corporate Compliance Alert Line Service

You’ve given a lot of thought to compliance. You may believe all your processes and procedures are in place.

But what have you done about what the OIG calls one of the “7 Core Elements” of compliance – the often-forgotten mandate for having an “Alert Line”?


The Deeper Meaning of Compliance

Compliance means more than making sure you are in line with federal and state laws and other regulatory agencies.  Compliance extends beyond process and procedure.  It filters down to every single employee and their ability to confidentially be the eyes and ears of your organization – and their freedom to report issues that run counter to your Code of Ethics.

Providing the mechanism for reporting potential violations voluntarily and confidentially is the law. But simply having a Compliance Officer or Compliance Committee does not demonstrate how an employee can come forward with anonymity for things like:

  • Billing or Clinical Concerns
  • Employee Misconduct, Safety or Harassment
  • Medication, Utilization or Documentation Issues
  • Ethical Concerns or Worries

The Solution

It’s unrealistic to think that every organization can have or afford a large internal structure for confidential alerts or reporting.  It’s also unrealistic to think all organizations will need this on a continual basis.  But it is still part of your ethical obligation – and the law – to provide a stated process for handling potential unethical or criminal activity.

That’s why Brown Consulting has developed our Alert Line Service; an inexpensive mechanism for allowing your employees to confidentially and anonymously report unethical, illegal or improper conduct – just as the law demands and your ethical standards require – without a big expense or structure.

How It Works

For just a few hundred dollars a year our Alert Line will handle everything you need for compliance:

  • It is staffed 24/7 with personnel trained in gathering facts, who assign numbers to cases to protect callers.
  • Transcripts are provided within a day and given to your Compliance Officer for internal follow-up.
  • Quarterly and Annual reports are delivered to your Compliance Officer providing the numbers of calls received and the types or categories of alerts.
  • Laminated posters, required for display in your facility, are provided.

Our Alert Line Service is the easy way to be in compliance, whether for legal violations or ethical concerns, without the expense and hassle of doing it on your own (or the retaliation of going without this requirement).  It provides employees the assurance that they can protect your organization’s reputation and ethical standards without fear.

Talk to us about our Alert Line Service.  Get the compliance you need – give your employees the freedom to do what is right and make that call.

Note:  The OIG reference comes from a webinar with presenter Dr. Julie Taitsman, Chief Medical Officer for the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.  The link to the outline is found here: