Operational Consulting

We work closely with you to gain a deeper understanding of your needs, develop the right behavioral healthcare solutions, and implement them for optimal impact.


Corporate Compliance

Includes a full assessment of organizational regulatory and risk management requirements including Licensure, Accreditation, Clinical Records, Human Resources, Insurances, Fiscal and External Contracts. The Corporate Compliance Program consultation service addresses functions and tasks necessary to a successful internal program. We support in-house Corporate Compliance programs, which ensures that violations can be reported anonymously without fear of retaliation or reprisal.

Optimizing Organizational Performance & Performance Improvement

Assists organizations with developing outcome effectiveness indicators which provide useful and understandable information for the organization’s management and leadership group to design and implement information and data collection, client surveys, and utilization reviews. Quality Improvement consultation is typically provided as a two-day onsite analysis. Key elements include: implementing a quality culture, program design, information/ data sources and collection, introduction of the storyboarding processes, and development/ measurement of “Best Practice Standards.”

Feasibility Analysis

Determines the feasibility and requirements for New Program Development including operational, marketing, staffing, and financial considerations. The Feasibility Analysis characterizes the level of support and provides specific program planning recommendations. The full analysis addresses market, operations, organization, budget and planning needs to implement the new program.

Accreditation Compliance Upgrade

Includes implementation of the results of the organization’s accreditation compliance analysis, sample plans, policies/procedures, clinical forms, internal committee and manual formats. Interactive workgroups with staff and pre-survey workshop are also included. Accreditation is guaranteed.