Why Your Organization NEEDS a Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning

Does your organization have a strategic plan that is assessed and updated regularly?

Strategic Planning is essential to narrowing down and articulating why your organization exists and what you specifically need to achieve success. A strong strategic plan is not having a plan simply for plans sake. It involves identifying what your organization is doing well, opportunities for improving performance, clarifying roles for staff and stakeholders, creating specific goals and objectives expressed in measurable terms as well as a method to evaluate outcomes.

We at Brown Consulting, Ltd. specialize in customizing our clients’ strategic planning processes.

Within the 3-6 month strategic planning process we assist our clients in identifying, planning, developing, implementing and monitoring strategic initiatives for future and continued success. Generally, this is how our strategic planning process is conducted:

  1. Full review of the industry trends (national, state and local)
  2. Organizational and operational analysis
  3. Market and competitive analysis
  4. Strategic planning groups with various levels of the organization
  5. Present full Strategic Plan including initiatives, goals and objectives, performance measures, resource requirements and budget.

A strategic plan is a participatory planning process that allows your organization to successfully implement a shared vision in an organized, step-by-step manner. Let Brown Consulting, Ltd. help you get there!

Thanks for reading and remember at Brown Consulting, Ltd. we provide results—not promises!

-Megan Phillips, M.A.


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