Why Utilize a Behavioral Health Consultant?

Utilizing a Behavioral Health Consultant

You work in Behavioral Health. Your work is successfully making an impact in your community. Why should you hire a Behavioral Health Consultant to assist your organization?

1. You have limited time and resources

You may be an expert on, for example, specific accreditation standards or Medicaid compliance. However, do you have time to ensure every detailed aspect of that project is carried out accurately and effectively? Maybe not. Hiring a Behavioral Health Consultant can free your time.

2. The world of behavioral health is constantly changing. It’s challenging to keep up!

Our consultants stay on top of the latest behavioral health news and trends. We use this knowledge to effectively address your organizational concerns.

3. You can focus more on what matters most….patients

Working in the field of mental health is meaningful. People pursue careers in this field because they find psychology and human behavior interesting. More than likely, they want to help others. Consultants can provide assistance with basic but essential tasks as well as a fresh approach to problem solving and/or pursuing new opportunities. Utilizing a consultant will open up your organization’s time to focus on the patients and community you serve.

Brown Consulting Ltd. specializes in behavioral services.

Brown Consulting controls the shifting landscape of behavioral health by thoroughly understanding the marketplace today and tomorrow. We offer strategy and solutions for our client’s concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Accreditation Compliance (CARF, COA, TJC)
  • Strategic Planning
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • New Program Feasibility Analysis
  • Staff Recruitment services

Additionally, we offer customized services. Every state is different. Every organization is different. Every problem requires a unique combination of solutions. This is why, as consultants, we will approach your organizational needs individually and guarantee your satisfaction.


-Megan Phillips, M.A.

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