The Joint Commission Updates

The Joint Commission Updates

TJC has released the Revisions to Decision Rules and the Post-Survey Process.  The following changes have been made as of 1/1/2017 for all organizations seeking re-accreditation:

  1. An organization with a decision of Accreditation with Follow-up Survey will receive notice of full accreditation once it has successfully submitted Evidence of Standards Compliance (ESC). However, a follow-up survey must be conducted within six months to confirm sustained compliance with the ESC.

  2. Another change is that the category of Contingent Accreditation has been eliminated, leaving only four possible decision outcomes for currently accredited organizations: Accredited, Accreditation with Follow-up Survey, Preliminary Denial of Accreditation, and Denial of Accreditation.

Please click on the follwing link for further information about these TJC revisions: TJC Revision to Decision Rules and the Post-Survey Process

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