Outsourcing QI Management Services

Outsourcing QI Management Services

Quality Improvement (QI) is a methodical approach to the evaluation of practice and efforts to improve practice. State departments and accrediting bodies (Joint Commission, CARF, COA) require and evaluate specific QI processes in behavioral healthcare organizations to help maintain a set foundation of quality treatment and health status outcomes.

For many behavioral health organizations, outsourcing QI management services is a cost-effective and time saving decision that far outweighs the stress of dealing with demanding requirements by themselves. At Brown Consulting, Ltd., we specialize in Quality Improvement. We not only guarantee the implementation and management of a “Best Practice” QI culture, but we ensure full compliance with required regulations. Furthermore, we ensure the QI system we implement is sustainable and embraced by all key stakeholders. All staff are involved in the interactive process of developing, adopting, and managing the organization’s QI plan.

The Brown Consulting Ltd. Quality Improvement process encompasses a full spectrum of service. First, Brown consultants provide QI education and training to staff to assure that a QI culture to be implemented within the system is understood and embraced by all key stakeholders. Then, we utilize an interactive process with clinic staff to develop, adopt, and articulate the organization’s QI philosophy and plan. We make sure to articulate the full written QI Plan to include important aspects of care (i.e. consumer satisfaction, access, client outcomes, etc.), monitoring activities, indicators, thresholds, data collection and interpretation, trend analysis, and comparative data sources. Detailed attention is given to all regulatory requirements.

Once implemented, we manage the QI program, provide all QI functions and ensure responsibilities are articulated in a QI plan. We conduct all scheduled Quality Improvement (QI, Safety / Risk Management) monitoring evaluation and trend analysis activities to address:

  • Access
  • Client satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Referral source satisfaction
  • Incident reports
  • Outcome effectiveness
  • Clinical peer reviews (records)

We design and produce quarterly required QI reports for your organization, and continually upgrade the QI Program. We ensure the performance and effectiveness of your organization’s QI program results in meaningful improvements within the organization and meets regulatory standards.

Quality Improvement measurement is complex and evolving rapidly. Continuous efforts are required from an entire organization to achieve stable processes. However, outsourcing QI management services can help lift this burden from your organization. Outsourcing this responsibility to the expert consultants at Brown Consulting Ltd. will allow your organization to tap into needed skills and resources without expending the time and money used on new staff. Outsourcing allows your organization to stay focused on what matters most—the mental health of patients.